Are you looking for a logo or perhaps to improve your brand? We can help with all of your identity needs.

We design logos and branding material that can help your business grow and gain recognition. We can take care of all of your branding needs. In addition to your logo, we can provide social media headers and images,  business card design, letterhead and stationery, etc...

Please take a look at some of our recent work.

Logo Conversion

Do you have a business logo that is an old .jpg, or .gif file that cannot be expanded without it looking grainy or pixelated?

We can take your logo and bring it to new life by vector conversion.  This process, is basically re-drawing your logo to the exact specifications as it is and converted to vector. After this process is complete, your logo will be available in many formats. You will be able to have a crystal clear and clean logo that you can use anywhere from letterhead to giant billboards.

Maybe your logo is no longer pleasing and you would like to modernize the look of it?  In the same process as mentioned above, we can re-make your logo in a vector format.  This will allow us to change it or improve upon it if you wish.

One example can be seen below:

GIF file - Two Colors
Vector FIle - Five Colors
Vector FIle - Gradient Shades- Millions of Colors